Sales and Installation

Sales and Installation Services

We offer complete medical gas systems sales and installations including source equipment, zone valve boxes, alarm warning systems, station outlets and inlets, pipeline distribution system materials, secondary equipment and more! For details, visit our Products Page.

Equipment Rental and Lease Programs

When it makes more sense to lease than to buy – we are here to help. If a shutdown is near, you can rent several pieces of equipment from us including portable suction pumps, specialty regulators, air compressors, vacuum pumps, adapters and hoses and cylinder carts/stands.

We offer delivery of patient-ready suction units to your facility, pick-up once the shutdown is complete and in-service training for your clinical staff. For more details or a quote, please visit our Contact Us page.

System Backfeed and Shutdown Services

We offer shutdown management services that take the worry and danger out of this process. We have all the equipment required to back feed isolated patient areas during a shutdown, thus alleviating the need to have gas cylinders at every bed side or in every operating room.

We have the capabilities of back feeding individual zones, floors, wings, buildings or even your entire facility.

We would be happy to provide you with a proposal and estimate to test and/or manage your next shutdown, if the details of the scope can be provided.

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