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Medical Gas Systems Certification and Re-Certification Programs

ASSE 6005 Specialist
ASSE 6010 Installer
ASSE 6020 Inspector
ASSE 6040 Maintenance Personnel
ASSE 6000 Renewal/Update Courses

These certifications provide for specific knowledge of medical gas and vacuum systems and are eligible to anyone who meets the prerequisites for the individual certification. The purpose of these courses is to provide the general knowledge, product performance knowledge, product installation knowledge, system testing knowledge, terminology, and documentation and record keeping requirements identified by industry consensus the ensure competency of the individual to safely work with and manage medical gas and vacuum systems.

The ASSE 6000 Standard requires that these certifications be provided through a recognized third-party certification agency, which is conducted through our training partner The Medical Gas Training Institute (MGTI).

Application Forms (Please Click Link for PDF Download).  If you need assistance please contact Donna Konkol.

ASSE 6005 | ASSE 6010 | ASSE 6020 | ASSE 6040 | ASSE 6000 Renewal

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